Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common Frequently Asked Questions about Buying Land from Homestead Crossing, Inc.

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To make a payment online, including down payments, rental payments or land payments or to pay the final bid price of an auction that you’ve won, simply click the orange button on the top right of our website navigation bar.

Once clicked you will be taken to our secure payment form through and you will need the following information:

  • Description of the Parcel You Wish to Purchase or are making a payment on.
  • The Payment amount.
  • Credit Card Number
  • Name on Credit Card
  • Credit Card Expiration Date
  • Address where Credit Card was registered (not always your current residential address)
  • Email address (optional)
  • Phone number.

Payments may also be made through eCheck, you will need the above information including your Bank Name, Account and Routing Number. We do not save any of this information. The eCheck usually takes up to 3-7 days to clear.

Please note that if the address is not the one that you used to register your credit or debit card (where the statement goes), our security will block the transaction until you enter the correct address information.
After Payment is Complete you will be directed to a printable receipt page, if you have an email address a copy of the payment receipt is automatically emailed to you.

Yes! Please send your payment via Personal Check, Money Order or Cashiers Check to:
(Make payable to Homestead Crossing, Inc)

Homestead Crossing Inc
P.O. Box 267
Willow Springs, MO, 65793

If a deposit is made on a property in order to hold it off the market, the deposits are non-refundable. That is the consideration for holding the property and taking it off the market.

All other monies paid towards a property will be considered equity to be used by the buyer at a later date, if buyer would like to purchase another property and will be credited off of the purchase price of the new parcel.

Yes! We want you to be happy and satisfied with the land you purchase from us, and buyers can trade their property at anytime. Upon trading, the equity paid up until the date of the trade will be credited towards the purchase price of the new property. There is no limits on the number of trades, the process for each trade will be the same.

Call our Office between the hours of 8:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday and we will be happy to setup an automatic billing for you through our secure merchant at

The amount of rainfall that Missouri (rank 98) gets is on the “above average” range according to NOAA, where most of the rain received is in the Spring. According to the Missouri Climate Center Missouri gets “…a low of 34 inches in the northwest to a high of 50 inches in the southeast. Seasonal climatic variations are more complex. In northwestern Missouri, seasonality in precipitation is very pronounced due to strong continental influences. June precipitation, for example, averages five times greater than January precipitation. In contrast, in southeastern Missouri, seasonality in precipitation is insignificant due to the greater influence of subtropical air masses throughout the year.”

“Missouri has a continental type of climate marked by strong seasonality. In winter, dry-cold air masses, unchallenged by any topographic barriers, periodically swing south from the northern plains and Canada. If they invade, reasonably humid air,snowfall and rainfall result.”

Snow usually falls during December, January and February. Missouri’s weather changes and it’s often said by locals “If you don’t like the weather wait an hour or two”.


Missouri Precipitation Map

We personally do not have anything against Pitbulls, however, because of the reputation they have many people will not buy land or want to live next to anyone who owns a Pitbull, this is a Deed Restriction and will stay even after you pay the land off. In addition, many insurance companies are now starting to deny or limit obtaining home owners insurance if there are Pitbulls.

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